Top 3 prostitution area in Addis Abeba

The streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia are full of  activity during the day, most people do ordinary day to day routine, like goin on shopping , going to church or taking their children to school . you can find opened Mini markets along the streets called ”SUK” ( derives from Arabic language wich means market) where you can buy anything from food beverage to cigarettes and beers . Taxi cabs, minibuses dash across busy streets when sometimes they seem really dangerous how they drive . For the most part, Addis seems to be an ordinary city. But as soon as the sun sets, . Young girls, some between the ages of 15 and 20+ , flood the streets in hopes of finding a customer or two for the night. Most of them turn their home for prostitution turning the whole area looking like a red district.


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More than 100,000 women are one the streets each night. Many charge $2 per quick sex, making them easly accessible to both Ethiopians and foreigners. In many ways, prostitution here is a result of poverty.  Unemployment is over 55 %.


Now i would like to rank the TOP 3 Addis abeba’s  prostitution Area

3. Piassa area 


2. Arat kilo ( toward Sheraton Addis)


1. Chechenia road 

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