Ethiopia’s First woman president, great example for African countries.

Yes it seems a fairy tail but is true . Ethiopia is honored to have a woman president for the first time in history and her name is  Sahle Worke Zewde ( ሳህለወርቅ ዘውዴ)  . Born in Addis Abeba Ethiopia on 21 February 1950 attended elementary and secondary school at Lycée Guebre-Mariam in Addis Ababa ( Churchill road area) after which she moved to France to persue her studies at the University of Montpellier , after finishing her studies became a diplomat who worked at UN as peacekeeping operations in Africa leading her to undertake diverse tasks in various countries across the world giving her great value and experience on politics, specially undestanding Ethiopia’s politic from the core.


Lately this unblievable news has been flooded by positivity from social media to mainstream media in general,  Zewde’s appointment makes her the only female head of state in Africa currently giving an enpowering image on the future of not only Ethiopia but for the whole continent specially for women who are fighting for decades for female right and equality where in a countries in which is run by patriarchal system.                                                                                                                           

”Hope this huge triumph will open up eyes of many African countries in which women have less or no right in politics to give them a chance ” – said Ethiopias ministry of infrastructure  Dimitros Edakom 

In May 2018 Zewde met with newly elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Nairobi Kenya , Abiy was on an official visit to the country and visited the UN offices, where she was still head. She described meeting Abiy as a ‘privilege and distinct honour,’ local portals reported. She will now hold a role where she will work closely and intensively with Dr Abiy in administering the over 100 million Ethiopians. Outgoing  Mulatu Teshome had been in the presidential seat since October 2013. He has worked with previous Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn and now with Abiy for a little over six months.

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