Who is Priest/Exorcist Girma Wondimu 

Ethiopian Orthodox  Church is one of the largest sect within the OrientalOrthodox , other sects  of  Oriental Orthodoxy are Coptic Eritrean , Coptic, Syriac ,  Armenian Apostolic, and Malankara Syrian.  The Ethiopian Orthodox Churches are known  for their strong support to many Old Testament practices, such as restrictions on eating pork and other non-kosher foods and drinks . Following as well certain feast and fast days. . Women usually are seated separately from men and may not enter during their menstrual period. Ethiopian Orthodox believers  are each devoted to a patron saint and frequently pray to him/her, as well as to Mary. Exorcism is a common practice as well. So our main topic will be Exocism and in this case i would like to talk about famous Priest/Exorcist         Ghirma Wondimu.


 He  was born in 1958 just at age 10 in 1968,  he was ordained as a  deacon by Abune mekarios  at the St. Michael Church, around Bale Gobba served as a deacon for 15 years in Then completed preaching and prayer courses. Recently he had been given additional training on prayers by religious fathers. He believes he have been granted a spiritual gift from God that enables him to identify the spirit. When teaching the Gospel to the people attending he is able to identify where the spirits were  amongst worshipers. These is what he said regarding types of people that are vulnerable to dark spiritual entities             

These people are of four types:

”  those that have totally denied God and are possessed by demon, second are relatives of the devil (witches, shamans, evil eyes and son ), third those affected by the spirit of philosophy (these is the modern Satan, say as in the case of Marxist and similar laws), fourth are those who succeed the place of devil by having a behaviour of discriminating, hate, and love of riches . The last or the fifth group are Christians. The four believe in materials. They believe in philosophies and when they see miracles they happen to be scared or at other times continue with their denials.” 

Memihir Ghirma firmly believes that majority of Ethiopians have to return meaning to prayers, ethical education, the religious studies as their forefathers did , most important the firmness in belief, ceasing lying, and fearing God. Ethiopians have to begin a life of sainthood/sanctification. Sanctified people won’t starve won’t be gready will always help each other , go to war, migrate, because God is the worrier under the protection of Angeles, they will be victorious. We aren’t sanctified. So all of us have to be blessed. If all are blessed, they will always win. He believes that People of the world had attempted to change the world to a materialistic gready individuals but never forget that material is only reducing human beings to slaves. We see the technologies, satellites, internet, and mobiles advancing…although it is good and useful; it is also passing its limit. Leaders have been very wrong. Politicians have extremely lost their direction. So unless we return to the One who shows us directions, we will be in complete darkness. If we return to God, what we Ethiopians have is enough to the world. We are not either with the West or with ourselves; we have become losers.
In short, I would like to say to Ethiopians from the youth to elders to stop being lured with little things for the sake of filling their belly and be firm on their faith.

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