Ethiopian Passport ranking 2018



The ranking by Henley & Partners, a citizenship and planning firm, takes into account how many countries can be visited without applying for a visa. Japanese citizens can travel to a record 190 out of a possible 218, having recently gained visa-free access to Myanmar, while Singaporeans can visit 189 and Britons 186.

Japan and Singapore had previously been neck and neck – both on 189 – following a visa-exemption from Uzbekistan, with Germany in third. Iran and Afghanistan continue to hold the bottom spot, with only 30 destinations accessible visa-free to their citizens.

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Neither the UK or US, both with 186 countries, have gained access to any new jurisdictions since the start of the year, while visa-free travel among Asian countries has soared thanks to up to 40 visa-waiver agreements signed by governments in 2018.  Here we can see Ethiopian passport ranking 85th out of 93 on same ranking as Palestinian territories and neighboring Eritrea.

with 10 visa free, 34 on arrival , and 154 Visa required.



Ranking by : Henley & Partners

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