Who are the top 5 Multi Millionaires in Ethiopia? 2018

Just few Ethiopians have built multi-million and billion dollar empires in diverse industries like construction ,agriculture, food, , energy etc  Their names don’t ring with the African public, and you’ve probably never heard about them before, but they are very successful  and very wealthy. So lets see who are the top 5 Multi millionaires Ethiopian entrepreneurs, who own businesses with annual revenues of $50 million or more.

1- MOHAMED AL-AMOUDI ( $ 12.9 bn )

is an Ethiopian and Saudi Arabian billionaire businessman. His net worth estimated  at approximately $12.9 billion owning oil fields and controlling gold mines and massive tracts of fertile lands .


2- Belayneh Kindie ( $60 mln)

The history of Belayneh Kindie Import, Export and Associates is directly linked to the life of a visionary young man from mountainous rural village called Gerelta (in West Gojjam, Ethiopia). This energetic young man started business as a small scale trader of butter, honey and cereals between countryside and Addis Ababa and supplying consumable commodities to rural households. The biography of this businessman is stated here to note the benefits of hard work which should not be overlooked or avoided by anyone who has a vision to become a successful business owner.the company Belayneh founded and runs, is the largest agricultural commodities trading company in Ethiopia. He founded the company in 2005 to primarily export oil seeds and subsequently expanded into other commodities such as sesame seeds and nuts. Its commodities trading business has revenues of a little over $60 million in 2016


3- Azeb Mesfin ( $27 mln)

She is the Widow of the late dictator Meles Zenawi,  she has ownership interests in many of the biggest companies in Ethiopia. Estimated net worth: $20 million.


4- Buzuayehu T. Bizenu ( $15 mln)

Bizaayehu is the chairman and controlling shareholder of East African Holding, a leading industrial conglomerate in Ethiopia that operates in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, tea processing, printing and packaging, transport, real estate, cement production and coal mining.


5- Ato Ketema Kebede ( $12.5 mln)

Ato Ketema Kebede is the founder of KK PLC, an Ethiopian company that manufactures blankets primarily to export across Africa and North America. The company also owns an acrylic yarn dyeing plant, and is also engaged in the import and distribution of heavy-duty machineries and equipment for mining, construction, road making and quarrying. The company is also one of the largest exporters of Ethiopian coffee, cereals and spices.


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