This German girl sings Perfectly Mehamud Ahmed’s ” የፍቅር ወጥመድ ነው”

Is Amharic difficult to learn? most people agree when it comes to describing the language as extremely hard to crack. Most Foreigners certainly believe so – how many Ferenjs do you know who can say more than ሰላም ነው  and/or venture a carved up version of ጠና : ይስጥልኝ (tena ysetelegn)?!* Ethiopians certainly believe so themselves – and sometimes rhetorically ask foreigners if ‘Amharic is not a very easy language, ’ certain as they are that they’ll be vehemently told the opposite. It sometimes seems that Ethiopians are comforted in the thought that their language is impenetrable to foreigners’ clumsy attempts to get their tongues around the difference between a straightforward ተ and an explosive ጠ. There are many foreigners learning – and  speaking! –  This German girl sing one of famous Ethiopian singer of all time Mohamed Ahmeds song .


It looks like even the American Institute of Foreign Relations brings some credence to the level of difficulty of the language, rating it in the third tier of difficulty, together with Arabic (but still, below Chinese or Thai). Then there is the alphabet – or more rightly said, syllabary or abugida – a frightening sight for the uninitiated with its few hundred seemingly complex different signs – but the truth is that the abugida is really quite logical and easy to learn. You can decipher it in an afternoon (Yes! That’s true!).

Then there is the matter of the grammar, with verbs positioned at the end of the sentence and adding particles at the beginning, at the end – and often in the middle as well – that completely change the meaning of the sentence. Confusing? Certainly. Impossible? Not at all.







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