Reason Why Ethiopians Use Android than I-Phone

Most of us ask how come we see more Android cell phones than I-phone here in Addis Abeba , for this question there are various factors to analyze before answering. First of all let’s see how high-tech gadgets get into the country.

All imported goods to Ethiopia are subjected to customs duties and taxes, unless exempted by law. Taxes applicable on imported goods are: Import (Customs) duty, Witholding Tax (a fixed rate of 3%),Exise Tax  (if applicable), VAT (a fixed rate of 15%) and Surtax (a fixed rate of 10%). Duty is tariff collected on the value of the good calculated on the basis of its actual total costs. It is levied in accordance with the rules of the international convention on the harmonized customs description and coding system. Sur-tax applies on all imported goods, except those exempted by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 133/2007 at 10 percent rate. Excise tax is paid on imported goods with a percentage rate ranging from 0 to as high as 100. So this means most of High-Tech items are imported from Dubai , via Middle-east countries or directly from China, and speaking of values
If  you want an iPhone ( latest ), you have 4 choices: the $630 ( 19.000 ETB + 15% VAT) ( iPhone 7 Plus, the $699 ( 21.000 ETB + 15% VAT) iPhone 8, the $799 ( 24.000 ETB + VAT) iPhone 8 Plus, and finally the $999 (30.000 ETB + VAT) iPhone X. Not mentioning I-Phone headphone jacks where are sold separately and are additional costs.

On the other hand we have numerous Android built smart phones like Samsung , Huawei , Nokia , Sony X-Peria XZ3 at affordable price ranging from $300 (7.800 ETB + VAT) to $639 ( $20.000 ETB + VAT)

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